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Our Mission: To move organizations from words to sustainable action that addresses inequities and drives a culture of inclusion.

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Stokes Strategy & Consulting (SSC) provides consultation and training services to education and corporate organizations. Our mission is to move organizations from words to sustainable action that addresses inequities and drives a culture of inclusion.


Stokes Strategy & Consulting integrates scholarly expertise with practical experience to present compelling discussions. We utilizes the transformative power of intentional change in guiding organizations from statements to a culture and structural shift. Through a dynamic approach motivates and empowers attendees by sharing real case studies, actionable insights, and lessons learned in the field.

Stokes Strategy & Consulting facilitates engaging workshops both in person and virtually on topics such as allyship, inclusive leadership, anti-racism, and inclusive recruitment and hiring. She can develop training curriculum based on the specific needs of an organization. 

At Stokes Strategy & Consulting, we work with education and corporate clients to assess organizational needs, identify systemic issues, and develop diversity strategic plans. In addition, we work with leadership to develop the skills necessary to create inclusive environments where individuals from historically marginalized backgrounds can thrive.

Dr. Alexis J. Stokes has dedicated her career to increasing college and career access and creating systemic change that supports the success of historically marginalized communities. Alexis is the Founder and Chief Strategist for Stokes Strategy & Consulting. She also currently serves as the Associate Chief Diversity and Inclusion Office in the Harvard Office for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging. As a keynote speaker, dynamic trainer, and diversity strategist, Dr. Stokes works with organizations to move from words to sustainable action. 

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What People Have to Say

"Alexis is an exceptional colleague and coach and a fantastic person to work with because of her committed engaging and personable approach. Her passion and dedication to her work and her students is evident: she is an expert in understanding people's strengths, meeting their needs and providing an excellent standard of support and advice to those around her."

"Best speaker on the subject I have seen - this should be compulsory training for the entire university."

"Very informative & realistic suggestions in implementing a diversity and inclusion department/implementation."

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